Teeth Are Your Calling Card


Teeth are your calling card. They introduce you to the world. They say so much about you.

Discolored, cracked, crooked or missing teeth can be corrected and give you a better appearance.

Call for an appointment to find out how you can look and feel better with some dental treatment!

Back to School! the teeth too!

A back to school checkup used to be manditory for all students. Some schools, however, do not require one these days. 

Mom & Dad! Early care of the teeth and gums is essential for all children from birth.

Here at The Dental Center kids love their visit with the dentist and hygienist. Fun, fun, fun!

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Welcome to The Dental Center

Welcome to The Dental Center!

  • For years our dentists and highly trained staff have been providing quality dental care to patients.
  • We pride ourselves on being friendly, courteous and efficient.
  • Our office is spotlessly clean and comfortable.
  • Communication with patients is a top priority.
  • Insurance is deftly handled by our trained insurance experts.
  • We are caring and understanding with anxious patients.
  • Our  goal is to provide the best possible experience at your dental visit!

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